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Tabula Rasa

“Alla Terra che mi porta non serve il mio sguardo. All’orizzonte va. Con le stesse radici, la speranza che lo muove e, immenso, il desiderio di incontrare il tuo.” (L. Palumbo)

Project statement

Spring 2020. A global pandemic shuts down social life. Stages empty, museums shut, cultural agendas empty. The photographer seeks refuge in photography. The poet in poetry. Tabula Rasa is an emotionally charged audiovisual diary entry, in which 2 artists reflect on the impact of the pandemic on social life, cultural life and our relationship with society and the environment.

Tabula Rasa is a documentation of an intense collective memory, treating the multitude of mixed emotions. It serves as a testimony of a time. But it also aims to reflect on that time and the actions of those that have lived it. What happens when life turns back to “normal”. What “normal” will that be? Where do we choose to be when we wake up?