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Arci Chinaski – Sermide (IT)

Deep in the Lombardian countryside, surrounded by kilometers of fields and just a few steps away from Italy’s largest river, lies Sermide. This small town is home to a little paradise of food, drinks and music, @circoloarcichinaski. You wouldn’t find it without knowing it, as on the street there’s juat a aign mentioning “pizzeria”.

They do have a pizza oven and make excellent pizza’s, but the meal I had was much more memorable: smoked Black Angus roastbeef with grana, tomatoes, mushrooma and rucola, sided with home made pizza bread sticks. I am pretty sure this was the best roast beef I ever had. What a flavor!!

To lift the culinary experience even to higher levels was de desert : a tortina al pistacchio, fluffy cake with lukewarm creamy pistache filling. Usually I am not a desert kind of guy, but when the waiter mentioned “pistacchio”, I just had to try it. Luckily there was just one pastry left, which I gladly shared with Jonpaul. It’s important that drums and bass stay on the same line. 

After this lovely meal we could just walk up the stairs and chill out in the green room/bed room. The perfect conditions for playing a good show afterwards, which we did. 

Taking a shower in the morning was a bit less comfortable. It was in the toilet and the water didn’t run. At least that’s what my bandmates told me. But..there’s a haunted house in front. That’s got to make up for it.